General Public Safety Reminder | Blue Route Mall

It's been a tough few years in our country (and internationally) which has resulted in a worldwide spike in petty crime, pick-pocketing and phishing. We 'd like to remind all our guests, patrons and customers to remain vigilant whenever you are in a public space so as not to become a target. Your wellbeing, safety and happiness is of utmost important to us. Here are a few good reminders to keep in mind whenever you are in a public space and even in your own communities and neighbourhoods: 

1. Don't leave handbags, laptop bags or backpacks unattended in restaurants or coffee shops 

2. Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle, especially not if visible to passers-by or opportunists 

3. Do not allow strangers to assist you when drawing or depositing money at any ATM

4. Put your wallet, cellphone and keys away so that they are not visible in your pockets in a crowd 

5. When drawing money at at ATM, stay vigilant and ensure that you are not being filmed by somebody behind or next to you 

6. Do not allow any strangers to use your cellphone in a public space. They might do so by asking to make a phone call, offer you a discount, voucher or install an app for you. This might allow them access to your banking apps or other personal data

7. When shopping for groceries or other items, do not leave your personal items in your trolley unattended 

8. Ensure that you have your personal items on you when using any public restroom. 

We hope that these safety reminders will assist you in keeping your belongings safe and will save you from any potential loss or inconvenience. For any further queries, please contact the information desk who will be able to assist you further.