Makeover inspiration. Get your glow-up for Summer!

We all love a good make-over in our favourite girly movies, but have you ever attempted to do a makeover ON YOURSELF? Grab your best friend and let's take a look on HOW TO create the classic make-over for Summer! From hair to nails, clothes to skincare - here's our full list of make-over essentials for you to try. Don't forget the "before" photos, girls!

Step 1: Up your hair game!

A fresh cut is the biggest way to start your makeover. A new hairstyle, some layers or even tiny changes like a fresh fringe could make the world of difference and help you feel brand new! Have you ever tried a different hair colour? Maybe you want to go blonde, or try highlights. Would you look better as a brunette, or a redhead? Pop into one of our hair salons for expert advice on what style and colour would best suit your face shape! We have Carlton Hair and Partners Hair Design in our mall, but you can also buy hair kits and dyes at our Clicks and Dis-Chem stores!

Step 2: Flutter those eyes.

A VERY easy way to look more youthful and feminine is with eyelash extensions. You can have these done professionally at our Sorbet branch. Prices start from R460, but here is a full list of treatments and their prices! Double bonus is if you get an eyebrow tint at the same time to really show off your gorgeous eyes. If you don't have the budget for a professional lash set, then totally cheat it with stick-on lashes from both Clicks and Dis-Chem to create the look you want!

Step 3: Get that glow

You need a really good exfoliator and glow-boosting moisturiser to add lots of hydration to your skin. You want that dewy, healthy shine to your skin to get it looking brand new! Our Clicks, Dis-Chem and Sorbet stores have loads of options and products for you to choose from. Speak to any of the make-up and beauty consultants for advice that will fit your skin type and your budget. Bonus points: Get a facial from Sorbet. They have so many options at various prices. See their full facial menu here.

Step 4: Look the part

Make-up is SO important to help you feel confident, change your look and accentuate your best features. The best advice we can give you is to practice, practice, practice. You can also watch a lot of YouTube make-up tutorials to help you learn the tricks from professional make-up artists. We really love this video that explains lots of fun things you can try with your make-up. Remember that our Clicks and Dis-Chem branches have a huge variety of products for you to choose from, so don't be shy to try new things!

Step 5: Dress for success!

A few new wardrobe items will make you feel brand new! A cute, new dress - some new shoes or trying different styles. You don't have to dress in the same kind of clothes you're used to. Be a bit braver. Take a friend shopping with you and choose items you wouldn't normally go for to expand your wardrobe. We have so many fashion stores for you to choose from that you really can't go wrong with a new, cute dress to complete your look!