The City of Cape Town recognises Blue Route Mall for helping to protect the environment

On 2 June 2022, the City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Directorate recognised Blue Route Mall during its Water Star Rating Certification Ceremony for our good practice in water stewardship, which helps reduce pollution and encourages water wise usage in their operations.The City’s voluntary Water Star Rating Certification system recognises businesses, government departments, residential estates, education, environmental and health institutions that comply with water-related by-laws, practice integrated water management, promotes pollution prevention and water wise usage. Participants that receive one star are certified as compliant with the relevant water legislation and the City’s Water By-laws. This in itself is worthy of recognition, but participants can be awarded up to five stars, depending on the extent of their efforts to conserve water and prevent pollution. Blue Route Mall was awarded a 4 star. 
The Water Star Rating Certification is one of the initiatives that aims to help achieve the commitments set in the City’s Water Strategy, support the drive towards cleaner inland waterways which is a Mayoral priority, and becoming a more ‘water sensitive’ city.