TOP celebrity beauty tricks

We all want to give our skin and hair the very BEST it deserves! We did some digging and found some TOP beauty tips from our favourite, and most beautiful celebrities.

Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston both swear by vaseline! Rachel uses it as a make-up remover to remove her make-up after a long day. Vaseline is super moisturizing and very gentle on your skin. Jennifer Aniston thanks vaseline for her wrinkle-free face! She says that every night after removing her makeup, she puts vaseline under her eyes and swears that it prevents lines and wrinkles!

This trick is cheap as chips, as Vaseline starts from R10.99 at Clicks, and comes in a few different varients!

Shakira knows that the sun can damage your skin and that it needs to be protected at all times. She takes it one step further by using a baby SPF which is stronger than adult SPFs. This way, she says that you get even more coverage from the sun.

Your face is such a sensitive area, so we recommend the Oh-Lief range for this, as their products are 100% natural and fragrance-free. Available at Clicks!

Lili Reinhart says that it's not enough to just wear foundation. She swears by adding a few drops of facial oil to your every-day foundation for a healthy, dewy look. If you want a nice, natural glow to your skin, then this one is definitely worth a try!

There are a few facial oils available at both Clicks and Sorbet, but we really love this natural (and affordable) version from African Extracts' Rooibos range. This product does much more than just give you a glow!

Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba both say that their NUMBER ONE piece of beauty advice is SPF. Every day, no exceptions. They both say that it's the biggest and most important beauty secret.

We all have our favourite sunblocks, but you NEED one or two (or both) of these iconic, CULT suncare products. We all love a good BB cream, but most have either a very low or no SPF factor in them at all. Introducing our two FAVOURITE suncare products: Vichy's 50SPF BB Cream from Clicks and HelioCare (Colour or Gel) from Sorbet. These products are life-changing. The Vichy only comes in one shade and is quite light, but the HelioCare comes in a variety of shades and the coverage is so good that you can kiss your heavy foundation goodbye!

Perfect for summer: Fergi gives us her secret to fuss-free, beautiful hair. She says that you should coat your hair with Moroccan Argan Oil. She says that once you've coated your hair with this magical oil, put your hair in a bun and leave it for an hour. The result: Shiny, beachy waves that look healthy and beautiful!

There are quite a few options at our Clicks store, so feel free to experiment until you find the right product! Sorbet also stocks an entire Moroccan Oil range for ultra luscious locks!

And lastly! Eva Mendes has amongst the best hair in Hollywood. Her secret? Every night, she coats her hair with conditioner and puts her hair in a cap. In the morning, she rinses it out and voila: Gorgeous, healthy and soft hair, every time!

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