Women's Health at Blue Route Mall

We're celebrating Women's Month this August, and with that we also want to send out a reminder for all women to book their routine health check-ups this August. 

Breast examinations and routine Pap Smears can detect and prevent numerous health complications. Our Clicks and Dis-Chem branches offer Health and Wellness Clinics with affordable procedures, screenings and tests that could save your life and improve your wellbeing. 

Doctors and health specialists recommend that women over the age of 21 should have a Pap Smear every three years, or every year if any irregularities were detected in previous tests. 

Our Clicks and Dis-Chem clinics offer various health tests, screenings and exams. Here's an outline of their services offered:

  • Pap smears
  • Breast exams
  • Contraceptive injections and tablets 
  • Blood pressure check 
  • Blood glucose test 
  • Cholesterol & lipogram test
  • BMI test 
  • Vitamin injections 
  • Iron test

You can see a full overview and book your appointments online with Dis-Chem here and Clicks here