Cape Town in 1 Shopping Centre

Whether you call the city of Cape Town home, a first-time holiday destination or a regular vacation spot, you’ll have no trouble listing its many attractions. From sun-baked beaches to picturesque winelands, colourful markets to mouthwatering delicacies, Table Mountain to Kirstenbosch, there’s something for everyone to love about Cape Town – and something for everyone to do, see and delight in.

Since its humble beginnings in 1652, Cape Town has been welcoming residents and visitors alike to its coastline, climate, valleys and mountains, and it is this warm, friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere that has contributed to its enduring popularity for over 350 years. More than this, however, is Cape Town’s ability to deliver a wealth of rewarding experiences to everyone within its city limits, suburbs, exburbs and beyond. Whatever it is you need, from entertainment to relaxation, shopping to sunbathing, touring to wine tasting, Cape Town will be able to provide, and then some.