Cinemas 2D
Running time 85 Minutes
Release Date 2023-09-15
Director Paul Louis Meyer | Gerhard Painter
Cast Bonko Khoza | Zak Hendrikz | Nelisa Ngcobo
Show Times for 2D 10:00 | 12:00
Synopsis The film starts with a freak accident, where Gus, Sophie, and Max of the Andromeda Galactic Bureau of Investigation (AGBI) and their microscopically minuscule rust-bucket of a spaceship, The Rusty Nail, take up residence inside 14-year-old Norman’s brain. They can see what he can see and hear what he can hear. The nanosized crime fighting aliens must enlist Norman’s help to save Earth from Zolthard, an evil intergalactic villain who is now stuck in the school principal’s head. Norman, his friends, and the aliens must go to great lengths to conceal the presence of alien life at their high school, while they try to continue the galactic struggle between good and evil. After all, Zolthard still has a school to run, and Norman still has a life to live and homework to hand in!